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Our Values

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We encourage innovation and experimentation. Whether it’s tackling a problem from a different perspective or pursuing a new idea, we encourage everyone to be bold.

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We operate under a flat organizational structure where opinions are valued in the decision-making process. Everyone has a sense of belonging and are admired for the hard work they do.

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Growth Mindset

We believe in the power of a growth mindset, and we strive to develop technology that empowers this mindset. Along the way, there are challenges, but we aren’t afraid to do what’s uncomfortable.

We are hiring skilled people.

We are here to influence people's lives by providing them with flexible work and the opportunity to learn new skills. We want you to be a part of this journey!

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Send your resume to info@castofly.com if you think you’d be a good fit.

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Co-op experience.

Co-op students are an integral part of our company. We always value their input and respect the hard work they do. Being part of our team is a learning opportunity you can’t find anywhere else because you’ll be making a difference in what we do and how we do it.

Jason Xun, UBC Computer Science student

During his time at Castofly, Jason went above and beyond to make a meaningful impact on our product. Watch Jason’s video to learn more about his co-op experience.

Zoe Gaouette, UBC Computer Science student

During her term with us as a Computer Science student from UBC, Zoe worked on databases, new software features, and many other things. Read more about her co-op experience and the incredible work she did.

Catherine Li, UBC Computer Science student

As a business and computer science student, Catherine got the job done wherever and whenever needed. To learn more about Catherine’s first co-op term with us, watch her video created with Castofly.

Branden Tam, UBC Computer Science student

Branden, a Computer Science Student from UBC, developed new software features, implemented application upgrades, and integrated multiple APIs. For a more in-depth look at Branden’s co-op term with us, watch his reflection video that was created with Castofly.

Mitch Zimmerman, UBC Computer Science student

As a business and computer science student at UBC. Mitch loved being exposed to all aspects of entrepreneurship. Watch his video to see Mitch’s favorite aspects of working at Castofly and the learnings he has gained from start-up life.

Adelia Vu, UBC Sauder School of Business

Adelia was first drawn to Castofly’s mission in creating a technology that empowers education. During her co-op term, she focuses on building partnerships to increase Castofly’s awareness and community engagement.

Taylor Mcouat, UBC Computer Science student

Taylor, a Computer Engineering student and content creator, was excited to work at a startup company where he was able to wear many hats. Taylor implemented new software features, integrated third party API’s and helped developed prototypes for Castofly’s future.

Jason Nguyen, UBC Computer Science student

During my time at Castofly, I developed many new software applications, integrated new features with the existing codebase, and produced new API’s that are in use by Castofly. From these experiences, I strengthened my ability to work more independently and efficiently.

Dimitri Antonio Nitsopoulos, UBC Marketing student

During his time at Castofly, Dimitri helped identify the product-market fit.
He was instrumental in researching what was needed for the product to be able to excel in this new market. To learn more about Dimitri’s experiences, watch his video created with Castofly.

Taryn Wou, UBC Business and Computer Science student

As a Business and Computer Science student, Taryn was able to build her technical proficiency and business acumen by involving herself in web development, UX/UI design, and business development.

Mitch Zimmerman – Top Warrior Award  

Mitch Zimmerman received the first “Top Warrior Award” from Castofly Technologies in recognition of his extraordinary contributions.

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